Maintenance Phone Number – 866-958-3245

All utility services must be transferred into the residents name
prior to the scheduled move in date and returned to the property
name should you be moving out.

Your apartment mailing address will be:

28 Chestnut Street, Apt#       Foxboro, MA02035
Electric service: National Grid #1-800-322-3223

Gas service: Baystate Gas (heating) #1-800-677-5052

Cable television services: Comcast (phone/internet available upon request
(satellite/dish antennaes are not permitted at Chestnut Green Apartments)
Property Rep: John Bowker #1-617-279-5345

Verizon: phone/internet #1-800-870-9999

Foxboro Post Office: change of address you may go online @
15 Wall Street, Foxboro MA 02035 #1-508-543-6763

Water service: apartments are submetered & billed from ISTA submetering services water service bills are paid directly to leasing office

Rental payments are due the first day of the rental month.

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